Vida en Familia Hoy®, the Spanish version of FamilyLife Today®, is continuing to touch lives across the Spanish-speaking world. We received the following testimony from our partners at HCJB (Heralding Christ Jesus’ Blessings) in Quito, Ecuador.

A man in Quito was using a company car that had previously been tuned to 89.3, HCJB. When he turned on the radio, Vida en Familia Hoy was playing a program about helping adult children to leave the home and walk with Jesus. The man’s daughter was just about to head out to live in Australia. So the man took the advice of the program to heart and set up a time to call his daughter every Thursday to pray with her.

One day, the man’s coworker was in the car and noticed the dial tuned to HCJB. He asked the man if he was a Christian, and the man said no. Even so, he continued to listen to HCJB every morning. During their share-a-thon, he promised that he would donate $20 every month to help the programs stay on air.

He heard a program about keeping promises, so he came to HCJB in person to donate $20, saying he needed to keep his promise. Although he still does not consider himself a Christian, he said he loves Jesus and is listening.

Pray he will continue to listen and be transformed by the truths of the gospel!

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