As a volunteer: Take FamilyLife on a mission trip. Many churches in the United States send teams of volunteers to other locations on mission trips. They provide humanitarian assistance, present vacation Bible schools for children, or help build or repair homes, churches, and schools. You could take FamilyLife along with you by carrying a suitcase filled with HomeBuilders Couples Series® study guides. Ask the pastor in your target country to invite couples to join you for HomeBuilders sessions during the evenings. Train local couples to be facilitators and encourage them to continue meeting as HomeBuilders groups after you leave. Bring more HomeBuilders study guides the next time you go. If you need a language other than English, e-mail global@familylife.com.

As a donor: You can give to help FamilyLife strengthen marriages in countries around the world. Your financial gifts can help translate and print HomeBuilders Couples Series and other family resources.

Or visit the Join Our Team page to learn about staff and volunteer opportunities.

Each FamilyLife ministry operates directly under the authority of the National Campus Crusade for Christ (called Cru in the US) office in that country. We seek their blessing and approval for projects such as translations and events. FamilyLife USA serves as a resource and advisor for ministry development.

This is decided on a case-by-case basis.  We often work through the Campus Crusade for Christ office or the FamilyLife director to translate our resources, but we make exceptions.  This involves signed license agreements with a person designated as the point of contact. The resources you are interested in may already be translated, however. For more information, please e-mail global@familylife.com.

We encourage flexibility in the method of delivery and cultural adaptation of materials. However, to maintain the integrity of FamilyLife and ensure adherence to the basic biblical principles for families, all uses, translations, and printing must be consistent with the content of The Family Manifesto and the basic FamilyLife Marriage Seminar/Conference contents.

Please e-mail global@familylife.com and we will determine if we are able to assist you with personal ministry.

Contact the FamilyLife National office in your country and ask about the needs and how you can be involved. Check to see if your country is listed on our Where We Are page for contact information. If there is not a contact for your country, then contact the FamilyLife Global team at global@familylife.com.

Or visit the Join Our Team page to learn about staff and volunteer opportunities.

English and Spanish resources are available in our online store.

For other languages, contact the Campus Crusade National Director’s office of that country. Look at our Where We Are page for contact information for other countries, or contact global@familylife.com for more information.

Good news! Our help is free. And we’re all in.

We can:

  • Recommend the perfect resource for your needs and the needs of those around you
  • Help you design a personal or church-wide ministry that can be sustained over the long haul (…and maybe even avoid a few classic pitfalls)
  • Suggest multiple ways to use a single resource effectively
  • Provide detailed, you-can-do-this event-promotion suggestions
  • Assist in presenting to church staff and lay leaders as you launch a new ministry, helping others to catch your vision
  • Construct a strategic marriage-ministry plan
  • Pray with you and for you and your ministry
  • Answer that one ministry-related question you’re just not sure about

Whether you need us to answer one question, chat about a plan, or walk with you for years to come, we’re ready to help you change your corner of the world.

Ready for just-right, personalized help from a Ministry Advisor?

Email us at MinistryAdvisor@familylife.com.

We appreciate your desire to serve Christ in your country. FamilyLife does not have the financial capacity to help you in this way. Our funds go directly to our ministries around the world to help them build ministry to families rather than supporting individuals.

To learn more about these manuals or about upcoming training events, please contact global@familylife.com