FamilyLife Events

FamilyLife has events around the world. No matter where or when you choose to attend, our vision remains the same—to provide encouragement, hope, and practical tools to help build and grow your marriage and family. We help you understand God’s blueprint so you can create a legacy of greatness.

If you live in the United States, click here to find an event near you.

If you live outside the United States, below is a current list of some of our upcoming conferences (please note that we do not provide invitation letters for visas for an event outside your country).

Or, visit our partner websites. If you do not find a website for your country, email FamilyLife at

Country City Event Dates Contact
Cote d’Ivoire Bingerville WTR May 19-20, 2024
Uganda Jinja WTR May 31-Jun 3, 2024
Country City Event Dates Contact
Philippines (online) D6 Asia Family Conference May 17-18, 2024
Singapore St Giles Southkey Johor Bahru Weekend retreat for couples May 24-26, 2024
CroatiaStubičke TopliceWeekend to RememberMay 10-12,
HungaryBudaörsMarriage seminarSept 29,
SloveniaVeržejMarriage seminarApr 12-14,
SloveniaRoglaMarriage seminarApr 19-21,
Slovenia Men’s retreatJun 22-26,
Slovenia Men’s retreatJun 26-30,
SloveniaMetlikaFamily campApr 19-21,”>@fam

Germany(online)Parenting course beginsMay 28,
Germany(online)Marriage mentor trainingJun 29,
GermanyHorselMarriage mentoring trainingJul 19-26,
GermanyCrailsheimMarriage seminarSept 28
GermanyBerlinMarriage mentor trainingOct 12,
GermanyGiessenPrepare/enrich trainingOct 26,
GermanySiegenMarriage seminarNov 2,
GermanyLimburgMarriage seminarNov 23,
GermanyKelternMarriage seminarFeb 1,
GermanyNeustadt an der WeinstraßeMarriage seminarMar 22,
PortugalCanelasMarriage preparation retreatMay 10-12,
SpainBarcelonaMarriage seminarApr 13-14,
SwitzerlandZurichMarriage seminarApr 20,
SwitzerlandGeroldswilMarriage seminarMay 25,
Switzerland(online)Marriage training courseAug 22,
Switzerland(online)Marriage preparation courseSep 10,
SwitzerlandZurichPrepare/Enrich trainingSep 14,
SwitzerlandTicinoFamilyLife GO OutdoorsSep 21-22,
Trinidad and TobagoWestmooringsA Day TogetherSep 25,

Due to the sensitive nature of these regions, please contact for further information.

Country City Event Dates Contact
United States Multiple Cities Various Events Multiple Dates 1-800-358-6329
Canada Multiple Cities Various Events Multiple Dates 1-800-247-3180
New ZealandChristchurchWeekend to RememberApr 12-14,
New Zealand(online)Marriage mentor trainingMay 6,
New ZealandAucklandWeekend to RememberMay 17-19,
New Zealand(online)Marriage mentor trainingJun 23,
New Zealand(online)Marriage mentor trainingAug 12,
New Zealand(online)Marriage mentor trainingSept 29,
New ZealandTaurangaWeekend to RememberOct 18-20,
New Zealand(online)Marriage mentor trainingNov 11,