FamilyLife Global has developed several training manuals to help leaders and volunteers around the world launch and develop their own family ministries and improve their ministry skills. Whether you want to serve your church, neighborhood, or community, FamilyLife can help you make a difference in the lives and legacies around you!

The following are training manuals developed by FamilyLife Global:

This is FamilyLife Global’s primary and foundational training manual that explains the overall FamilyLife Global strategy for beginning a FamilyLife ministry. It also lists the resources that can be used to develop an ongoing ministry.

GOSAR training manual

GOSAR training videos

Are you interested in training others to have a ministry using the methods described in the Global Outreach Strategies and Resources Manual? If so, consider using the accompanying PowerPoint to conduct your own training.

PowerPoint with presenter’s notes 

PDF version of the PowerPoint 

The purpose of this training manual is to help pastors and spiritual leaders in every country of the world launch and grow a lay-led ministry to families in their churches and communities. Through a strong family ministry, marriages will be strengthened in their relationship with God, and families will become strong foundations in their church and community.

Building Strong Marriages training manual

This training manual describes the role of the FamilyLife leader and explains how to organize and lead a ministry team, communicate a vision for family ministry, and recruit and train couples. It also lists ways that volunteers can get involved with a local FamilyLife ministry.

Working with Volunteers training manual 

FamilyLife’s primary resources for small groups are the discussion-oriented HomeBuilders Couples Series and the Art of Marriage and Art of Parenting small-group videos. This training covers all of the specific “how-to” aspects for starting and leading small groups. The training will give confidence and skills to new leaders. It includes strategies for serving churches, creating an environment for multiplication, accelerating a ministry, and using HomeBuilders for outreach.

Small-Group Training manual

Are you interested in training others to launch a FamilyLife small-group ministry using the methods described in the Small-Group Training Manual? If so, consider using the accompanying PowerPoints to conduct your own training. (The PowerPoint files include presenter’s notes.)

Developing quality speakers is a critical aspect of expanding a ministry of FamilyLife. The speaking style we train and encourage for FamilyLife speakers emphasizes humor and personal illustrations, including sharing our mistakes and weaknesses. This style can set our events apart from a church preaching session and ultimately help us to reach a younger and more secular audience. 

This training also covers other aspects of FamilyLife speaking such as logistics, flexibility, managing a speaker team, speaking as a couple, and constructing a FamilyLife message. A joke log is also available on request from

Speaker training manual 


Providing funds for a ministry activity is often a challenge. Funding an entire ministry is an even bigger challenge, but it is also an opportunity to apply good stewardship principles and to trust God for His provision. In this training, first we consider a few Bible verses and briefly review basic principles for money management as related to a FamilyLife ministry. Second, this training presents sources and ideas to consider for funding opportunities.

Funding a FamilyLife Ministry training manual

Promotion is an essential aspect of a FamilyLife Ministry. This guide will provide some basic tips and ideas to get couples to attend events or small groups. The best strategy for an ongoing FamilyLife ministry is to combine a variety of events and small groups. The events bring in new couples and provide momentum for the ministry. Small groups develop new leaders by building marriage relationships and discipling individuals to spiritual maturity.

Promoting Events and Small Groups training manual

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