We are Nanguin and Mariam. We were Muslim. After living together for ten years, we got married in 1998. God blessed us with five sons. We love each other so much and we love our children; however, our wedded life was filled with suffering and difficulties. We could never have a day together without quarreling, sulking, and rejecting each other.  Nevertheless, we really wanted to succeed in our family life.

We gave our lives to Christ in 2004, and we took part in a marriage seminar at FamilyLife in 2007. This seminar allowed us to understand these things:

Threats on our families
Responsibilities as husband and wife
Necessity to please God, to love and serve Him
We attended other seminars that helped us know more about each other. We have seen a testimony of God’s faithfulness toward us.  For the first time we had holidays in love. We went to a beautiful hotel and we cannot explain how we found the money to go. It gave us many pleasant moments.

Today we have blossomed:

• We freely discuss about any topic

• We understand each other

• We trust each other

• We are in agreement with each other before beginning a project

• As a wife, I feel at ease to speak publicly

• Our children are also happy and proud of us

With our whole heart we thank the FamilyLife couple for their investments in couples.  Let God not forget your sacrifices and faithfulness.

–Nanguin and Mariam

Editor’s note:  This couple received training and spoke in their church’s “Month of the Family.”  They have begun hosting HomeBuilders Couples Series small group studies.  The husband is now the Deacon of Marriage and Family Ministry in his church!