Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest.
John 4:35

Before a conference, staff members are reminded they face a spiritual battle for the souls and marriages they hope to harvest. This FamilyLife conference was no exception.

The mother of the hosting church’s pastor fell ill two weeks before the event. She could not do any promotions. Another organizer was involved in a serious car accident and everyone was stressed out.

But the Lord of the harvest was at work in a mighty way. The organizers prepared for 20 people (10 couples). Forty people attended—double the number expected! He is able to do far beyond what we ask. Here are the results of the outpouring of His Spirit:

Number who prayed to receive Christ: 6
Number who prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit: 25
Number who rededicated their life and marriage: 21
Comments from conferees:

“This conference made us think through more about marriage and how it will be, especially the responsibilities of husband and wife.”
—a couple to be married in three months

“It helped me view my husband as a perfect gift from God and helped me to respect him even when he does not meet my expectations.”
—full-time CCC staff member

“I was very skeptical when I was told to sign up for the conference. I wish I had attended such a conference years ago! I wouldn’t have needed to knock my head against the wall so much earlier in my marriage.”
—IT consultant, married 26 years

“It has made me realize that I have to start right. I really do want to build a heritage of God’s will.”
—nutritional executive married one year

“It has given me hope and new directions to rebuild my marriage.”
—businessman married 20 years

“I shall definitely work hard to save my marriage. I wish I’d attended a seminar like this years ago when I was newly married. It would have saved my husband and me a great deal of pain. Separation plans are definitely out of the question now. Instead, we are going to make our marriage an exemplary one in our neighborhood.”
—teacher married 15 years