1. “Before we got married, my wife and I completed the “Preparing for Marriage” course.  At first, we did not know how to effectively prepare for marriage.  We did not even know what to discuss.  We were not sure what we knew and what we did not know either.  This course helped us a lot to discuss and decide very important things—things that should be solved before our marriage, and to build a strong foundation from the very beginning of our life as a couple. The most important thing that we learned was to receive each other as we are, as the life-time partner that God has provided.  Thanks to this course we understood this truth and applied it in our life.  There are other young couples that need to study this course and get real help.”

2. “Now we would like to help other young couples who are dating and considering marriage.  We really want to share the lessons and the blessings that we have received with others.  So, we have already started to train as a mentor couple for this course.  We really appreciate God providing us with this wonderful opportunity.”

3. “Young people in Mongolia do not have such carefully, thoroughly designed materials available to prepare for their marriage.  We can only ask our parents’ advice and follow it—for good or for bad.  We really need biblically-based resources about marriage and family life.  So, I am really thankful and truly believe it will bless many young Mongolian couples.  I and my wife a