Toncho Tonchev was praying. He asked God to show him people who would have a heart to financially partner with the FamilyLife ministry that he and his wife, Annie, started in Bulgaria. He felt that if God brought some names to his mind, he needed to be faithful to call and meet them. To his surprise God reminded him of a family—friends they knew who were having money problems and had not previously been open to giving to missions. It was a challenge to call them, but Toncho had promised to follow God’s leading and he did.

Toncho arranged for a brief meeting with the husband. Here is what Toncho said:

“My friend shared with me that after my first call, he started wrestling with God on the issue of investing in His work. God worked in his heart and showed him that he needed to change. With tears of joy in his eyes, he said that God showed him in a very clear way to give an exact amount as a one-time gift for His ministry. It was above what they would be able to normally give. It was a great way that God showed me I needed to be faithful to accomplish His will, not for my benefits but to help others to grow in their own relationship with Him.”