Rousse, Bulgaria was the location of a marriage conference.  The FamilyLife team had been praying that the attendees would be mostly couples.  They saw that prayer answer when 50 people attended.

Many were believers who were able to strengthen the foundations of their marriage.  They also had some non-believers who heard the gospel for the first time.  There was great variety among the couples—one couple had been married 50 years!  Another couple who attended was just a week away from getting married.

The first assignment was a test to see how well each knew the other.  The engaged couple had a few surprises and a lot to discuss.  One thing everyone enjoyed was the small group interaction.  Each group had to do three things:

  • Tell how they met
  • Work together to assemble a puzzle whose theme was love or family
  • Solve one case study of a typical problem for married people

The FamilyLife staff are organizing HomeBuilders groups and training the leaders for them.  They asked prayer for wisdom and for the groups to flourish and be used by God to change lives and families.  Also pray for the non-believers who attended their conferences to become involved in these studies and that they will be met with love and acceptance by the believers and will come to Christ.

Comments by Conferees:

“I will be looking to rekindle the romance in our relationship.”

“I am committed to set aside more time for each other despite all the mistakes we have made.”

“I want to organize a special weekend to be together with my wife!”

“I want to set aside more time for my husband and to remember that he is God’s gift to me.”

“I want to start showing respect and honor my wife.”