From 1992-1995 there was an inter-ethnic civil war between the Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats. Formerly the Serbs and Croats lived together peacefully in this country. Then neighbor turned against neighbor as the war began.  Serbians occupied the towns and were in control.

Martina had to run for her life during the war, leaving her house and all she held dear. Her father spent several years in prison camps, being tortured by Serbs, and eventually died as a result of the injustices. They killed her grandmother and many friends—so you can imagine her reaction when the FamilyLife leader’s friends and coworkers from Serbia sat down at Martina’s table for lunch at the marriage conference.

Eventually the story came out, and then something wonderful happened—the friends from Serbia asked her if anyone had ever apologized to her for all the atrocities the Serbs did. Martina said that no one ever did that. Then Nesa and Goca, the Serbian friends and leaders of a family ministry in Serbia, did just that. They apologized in the name of Serbian people for all the wrong they did to her and her family and asked for forgiveness.

Unstoppable tears came streaming down Martina’s face. For the first time since the war, she had a chance to finally throw away the poison of bitterness and lack of forgiveness and experience healing.