I know, I know, we are always doing something strange. But the truth is that it is not as strange as it is new and just plain different, but the best part is… people like it! We invited people to join us for a night of romantic music, practical marriage tips, and romantic atmosphere. People did come—some even came straight from the airport, some fought on the way there, some sat apart obviously infuriated with each other. But, as the night progressed, it was clear that something was happening in them.

We served them coffee and tea, cakes and cookies. Then I shared some practical tips on how to resolve conflict in their marriage, and we followed that with some questions that they themselves had to answer. After that, Franko and his family played some romantic music and took time to share their testimonies about how God changed them. You could see couples that stormed into the office fighting starting to slowly reconcile, couples scooting closer to each other and at the end, holding hands. They had such a great time that it was hard to break the crowd and leave (finally, we did past 11 PM), and now they are calling wanting to start the romantic café again.

Would you please pray that we continue to reach couples around us with this strange and unique form of evangelistic outreach in Croatia? Interesting enough, one Christian couple heard about this and they decided to use this evangelistic approach in their church in the other part of Croatia. “Strange” things happen when people pray, so please keep on praying—we need it and they need it!