“Despite having 17 years of marriage, we had not understood the importance of the rescue of the family. We appreciate very much the training we received to guide other military families in our beloved Ecuador.”

A pilot project for the strengthening of 120 families in the San Eduardo Base began with marriage seminar workshops planned by Alfredo and Amparo Figueroa—“The Five Threats to Marriage” and “How to Resolve Conflict.”

They decided to follow up this project by selecting ten couples trained as facilitators to provide care to 20 marriages that were having serious conflicts. They used the HomeBuilders Couples Series title Building Your Marriage. As a result, from November 2007 until June 2008, cases of domestic abuse have considerably decreased according to the Department of Housing Prosecutor.

Parallel to this project, the New Life Training Center was begun with 15 military couples. They were trained in basic aspects of how to share their faith. This training helped develop three additional leader couples. This new project is called “A New Way of Life” and ministers to the families of the Armed Forces of Ecuador. It includes clubs for couples and young people which help improve family relationships. Another result is improved performance and potential of each military person serving our society. “The strength of a nation is in the strength of their families” is the motto for the Armed Forces. That is why in the coming months, there will be more FamilyLife workshops for couples.

A marriage seminar for 400 couples was presented with the principles of the Word of God and how to restore and strengthen marriages. Plans for continued growth will be through their involvement in HomeBuilders small groups beginning next year. We are preparing facilitator couples from the New Life Training Center to lead groups of seven to ten couples. This is a dream come true for God to be in the Navy of Ecuador providing eternal principles for homes.