A while ago, I had told my wife, Moni, we needed some money for the children. My comment was that it would be good for us to pray that God will provide.

God has given us the privilege of having a ministry with couples. We see the ministry increasing and enjoy seeing the significant changes that God does in them. It hurts that we see homes being destroyed every day, so we eagerly work to see lives changed.

A year ago, I met a young couple with many problems that seemed very difficult to resolve. But God in His grace gave us the opportunity to guide them. One day they told me they would like to pay for what we have done for them. However, I told them that God is the One who is doing the work through the lives of others who believe in this ministry.

Later, we met and they told me, “You do not want us to pay for your ministry, but we have decided to provide money for your family!” That was a “WOW.” They did not know of our prayers, and yet God provided for us what we asked of God.