The Galapagos Islands are on the “hot list” for people looking for an eco-tourism experience.  The islands are geologically young and famed for their vast number of endemic species, which were studied by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle in 1835.  But soon, something else will be happening on the Galapagos Islands.  Something called “HomeBuilders.”

Antonio Arboleda Procafuerte will be the man pioneering this new work to strengthen families and marriages on the islands that are home to about 40,000 people.  The arrival of HomeBuilders to the islands began when Antonia and Martha attended a “Day to Remember” seminar in Guayaquil, Ecuador in mid-2009.  They were tremendously blessed by that experience and had their first exposure to the HomeBuilders small group study.

At that time, Antonio and Martha did not see themselves as leaders or pioneers for the cause of marriage and family.  Antonio works as a flight engineer in the Ecuadorian Air Force and frequently flies to the air base on the islands which are located in the Pacific Ocean, 600 miles from the west coast of Ecuador.

But God began to work in their hearts as they were experiencing a renewed commitment in their marriage through the projects they completed in their HomeBuilders study.  As they discussed and prayed about what God would have them do, they sensed God’s leading to start a HomeBuilders group. They decided Antonio would invite the people that he knows on the Galapagos Islands.  The call to be a HomeBuilders pioneer was reinforced in early June 2010 when Antonio and Martha participated in a FamilyLife Movement Maker training in Guayaquil.

The purpose of this training was to help couples build ministry teams.  The training gave them insight as to how God uses couples for His purposes when they are willing to step out in faith and trust Him for the results.   Antonio believes that he must help the couples on the islands by introducing them to HomeBuilders.  He knows that the practical, biblical principles that he and Martha experienced will be a big encouragement for others.  He is sure the couples have a felt need to know more about improving communication in their marriage, resolving conflict, and receiving their spouses as a gift from God.

The Galapagos Islands have been a favorite destination for eco-tourism.  Now the islands will become a beach-head for strengthening marriages and families when couples soon begin participating in HomeBuilders studies and learn to apply biblical principles for marriage in their own relationships.