A couple attended the Weekend to Remember in Rotorua, New Zealand, in July who attracted a lot of interest because of the beautiful, friendly Labrador they brought with them. They stationed themselves at the very back of the auditorium—my guess, to “be out of the way.” Everyone, including our team, wanted to pat the luxurious coat of the dog. To do so meant having to speak to the couple.

My word, the challenges that faced this young married couple. The reason for the dog? He was blind. She his care giver and main bread winner, but she was also suffering from depression and burn-out. We heard how they were staying in a caravan down at the cheapest campground, which in the bad weather meant wading through numerous puddles before reaching their car.

Our hearts went out to them, so we offered to treat them by putting them up in the hotel for a night. They were over the moon! We had time during the weekend to hear more about their struggles and tried to encourage them.

Some weeks later, we were holding a Day to Treasure in Wanganui. One of the couples on our team was attending (they also went to the Rotorua conference). They ran into our couple with the dog while getting a quick meal at McDonalds. They told our FamilyLife couple how they’d gone home and watched the “Power” DVD that we give every couple as they leave. They said they watched the video and straight away he prayed to receive Christ—an answer to prayer for his Christian wife.

They also wrote us a letter: “We want to thank all those involved in the Weekend to Remember in Rotorua in July. This was an amazing weekend, unforgettable. A huge learning curve. In my family there isn’t one first marriage that has not ended in the last two generations. This weekend has taught us both skills we have never had and helped us grow together. It will have a lasting impact. On our return home we watched the DVD Power session that you gave us as a gift, and my husband gave his life to the Lord! This has changed our lives in so many ways. It has impacted our marriage and also led to my husband’s salvation.”