Lev and Maria Grinfeld, FamilyLife leaders in Russia, were invited to teach family courses to the Eurasian College in Kazan. This school provides professional training of evangelical church planters in Central Asia, Tatarstan, and other predominantly Muslim regions of Russia. Kazan is called the third capital of Russia and the gate to the Muslim world.

Their program was quite intensive in the hours of speaking. There were 20-30 students in the mornings and every evening. The Grinfelds included projects such as having the girls create the portrait of an “Ideal Man.”  The boys were to create the portrait of an “Ideal Woman.”
Here are some of the students’ evaluations:

“I will apply this course not only for marriage but for everyday life, thank you.” —Timur
“You helped me to gain an understanding of myself.”—Mashhura
“I liked when you teach the course, you were the compliment of one another, it is cool! You are not teaching only, but showing love and respect in your deeds.” —Samil
“Probably it is not everything about relationship, but I think it is most important, it is the foundation, the basis on which I can boldly build relationships.” —Constantin
At the end of this spring most of the students will return to their homeland countries. They will meet problems which are unknown for most of us like arranged marriages with Muslims. Pray that God would give them strength and wisdom.