FamilyLife in Trinidad and Tobago was launched several years ago through the leadership of Steve and Cecile Mohammed and the influence of a key business couple, Subesh and Debbie Ramjattan. Each year the Trinidad team conducts a national Weekend to Remember conference.

After their annual Weekend to Remember conference, FamilyLife Global staff conducted a Movement Maker training with the Trinidad team. One of training activities involved having the team evaluate each stage in the family life cycle and identify the issues and needs unique to their culture. The second part of the activity focused on how to address those issues and needs. The family life cycle covers these stages: independence, marriage, parenting, empty nest, and retirement years.

From that group activity, the Trinidad team has launched several ministry initiatives and outreaches to address the different needs in their culture. One is a monthly event called “Mastering Family Building Series.”  These short, interactive seminars on marriage and parenting are open to the public and address the specific stages of the family cycle. At one meeting, over 100 kids aged 10-18 came with their parents.

One couple on the team has developed a weekly two-hour radio program called “Love of a Lifetime.” The owner of a secular radio station invited them to address family and marriage issues.

Another couple on the team launched a HomeBuilders movement and has already seen 150 couples involved this past year. One of their groups was a HomeBuilders for engaged couples. Often, their meetings would go until 1:30 AM with the couples eager to learn more.  The Trinidad team is making a difference!