Ukraine FamilyLife calls their ministry Ukraine for Christ.  In 2009, they held 14 events for couples and saw over 350 people involved in the HomeBuilders Couples Series small group studies.  They held ten trainings for leaders to assist in building a spiritual movement in their country. Ukraine is one of our more mature movements and is having a national impact on the country.

Here is a comment from a recent marriage conference in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

“The conference exceeded my expectations in what I would see, hear, and feel.  Just being here with my husband drew us closer together.  We stopped having ‘dates’ long ago and romance had faded from our marriage which brought us to the point of wanting a divorce and complete isolation. The conference helped me to see my husband with different eyes and helped us to find a common language and a new level of emotion in our marriage, capped off with the surprise of the romantic café at the end of the conference.  We have never attended anything like this that was able to change our perspectives and relationship.  Thank you for your sacrifice in this ministry of saving our marriage.”