The all-African FamilyLife seminar was small in attendance but grand in what the Lord did.  One man prayed to receive Christ by faith.  All the couples in attendance prayed to seek the power of the Holy Spirit in their marriages.  One key African pastor represented the largest African congregation in Berlin.  He is praying that he can conduct a marriage and family seminar in his church.

At a parenting forum, nearly 30 people came to hear about biblical parenting.  There were four leaders who each gave a 10-minute message on a certain aspect of parenting.  Then each leader led a discussion on the issues: discipline, developing your child’s character, health and safety, and working as a husband and wife team.  Then came the questions–lots of them. Today’s young parents are very hungry for information about the “science and art of parenting”–God’s way.  Pray that this forum will lead to parenting conferences.

The vision is to see family and marriage interest expand across Germany to the International English-speaking churches.