Dear FamilyLife team,

Since we attended the Weekend to Remember in April 2008 in Bregenz, Switzerland, our investment in that weekend has had a lasting positive impact on our relationship in several areas. We want to deeply express our thanks to you because of your fresh contribution to our marriage. Your personal openness was crucial. We really enjoyed all the projects and talks of the weekend and learned a lot. From time to time we take the excellent manual from the conference off the shelf to review the biblical principles.

You have really given to us a motivating, multifaceted, and precious picture of marriage and have enriched us with your valuable experiences. Your professional style and diligence in details really impressed us and your kind surprises of little treats and candles etc. have touched our hearts.

We are firm in our decisions which we took there at the conference and we do want to live our marriage together with Jesus—to be positive and reach others.

We wish for your team God’s inspiring and creative love for your valuable work. We have some hope to join you in the project with families.

Yours, Sandra & Thomas