Chinese Weekend to Remember

(Copyright 2012)

FamilyLife is excited to announce that the Mandarin Chinese version of our Weekend to Remember video conference and manual has been officially approved by the Chinese government! This is a big deal in China where the government owns all publishing houses and can withhold an ISBN number if they don’t approve of the material.

When FamilyLife sent a couple to China in January 2010 to develop FamilyLife there, they began the process of seeking approval for the FamilyLife DVD/manual set. They didn’t know if the material would pass through the government and still retain the critical biblical truth and content. Just a few months ago, they were delighted to hear that their product had been approved and all the biblical content on the DVD and in the printed manual was undisturbed!

Now each attendee at the FamilyLife conferences in China will receive a manual and a DVD of the seminar with Mandarin subtitles. The DVDs can be shared with friends and church groups. The product is also available for sale and can be spread throughout the Mandarin-speaking world. Please thank God with us for opening wide the doors in China!