By Christine Daniels

UK FamilyLife seminarWhen I invited Richard and Bim to our Day Together couples’ seminar her first reaction was, “Have the neighbors been talking? I expect they hear us shouting!”

Richard, an atheist, didn’t seem at all interested, noting it as “a Christian thing.” I almost gave up, but I’m so glad I didn’t because what happened couldn’t have been more of a blessing for them, or for me.

I explained that the seminar was for couples to invest in their relationship. Since they had recently become empty nesters I thought they might be interested. I explained that it was based on biblical principles of marriage as well as teaching of effective relationship tools. I also reassured them both that there was no group work, role play, or reporting back on their relationship – it would be a day for the two of them. Bim softened. “It might be good for us,” she admitted.

As I left them with a leaflet to consider I had no idea whether they would come. Two weeks later I received their booking form!

Like the other thirty-four couples that day, they were in no hurry to leave after the event. Bim had a great time. “The speaker couples were excellent, the exercises very helpful, and I felt that the day had passed so quickly,” she said. \

Rich was equally positive. “It has helped me to see how strong we are together.” He added, “The Christian content was minimal; nothing was forced and what was there was appropriate.”

I was very encouraged by their positive responses. The UK is largely secular and in many ways anti-Christian. So to see an atheist moving closer to accepting and embracing Christianity is exciting!

Later that evening I received the following text:
Thanks for excellent day. We got so much from it. Well organized with good presentations. We also went over lots in pub after. Thanks. Bim & Rich xx

Two and a half months later I received this text:
Thought I’d let you know we’re still keeping to our promises made on our day together. Things are calmer and our daughter noticed as well!! Thanks and hope you’re all ok. Bim x

Richard and Bim were blessed by the Day Together. So was I.