FamilyLife Australia is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ focused on reaching families with the gospel. Recently a radio listener in rural Western Australia called the office to say she heard a “Marriage and FamilyLife” interview with Lyn Denton on sexual abuse. She said she knew two Christian teenagers—ages 14 and 16—who had suffered abuse and now struggled to recover. One was on anti-depressants. The woman ordered copies of three of our programs on sexual abuse, along with the book Wounded Heart, which is FamilyLife Australia’s main resource on the topic. The listener hoped the programs and book would better equip her and others involved to assist the teenagers in their recovery. As a result of the resources FamilyLife provided, both teenagers began to heal and recover from their abuse.

Rachael Holt grew up in the Melbourne area, the child of loving Christian parents. However, during her teenage years, a rebellious phase caused her to drift far from the Lord. A bit of a free spirit, Rachael eventually made her way to Africa to be a teacher. While there, the Lord took hold of her heart at an orphanage in Swaziland, and she renewed her commitment to Jesus. She decided to stay at the orphanage and become a full-time missionary. During her recent visit to Melbourne, FamilyLife Australia had the privilege of broadcasting her journey. However, the story does not end there. A Brisbane listener greatly inspired by Rachael’s story travelled to Swaziland. Rachael says, “She has come to permanently volunteer in our preschool.” To listen to Rachael Holt’s and Lyn Denton’s stories, click on the radio link at