“We watched people laugh and cry, and at the end I felt as if I was standing on holy ground—it was obvious how God had worked in the lives of those who attended.” This is a message Dan and Lisa Van Zoest sent to FamilyLife after hosting an Art of Marriage® event in Nicaragua. The Spanish version, El Arte del Matrimonio™ , is being used throughout Latin America with great results. A recent event in Costa Rica welcomed over 220 attendees—a fantastic turnout!

Feedback from attendees has been equally positive. One missionary couple wrote, “As you may know, we had a very difficult year last year. The conference shed some light on the fact that we have drifted apart in our personal pain. When we heard the story about the couple who lost a child, we felt on some level as though we are parallel with that situation. To hear that only 15% of marriages survive that type of trauma allowed some red flags to ‘more freely fly.’ We realized that we need to give our marriage more attention because of the trauma and fire it has taken this past year. We were not in danger of divorce, but without some doctoring we could have been in danger of simply co-existing in the same home. We don’t want that; we want to dance and sizzle our way through each day as long as we both shall live.”

El Arte del Matrimonio is bringing Latin American couples closer together and pointing them to the One who has the power to restore their lives and give them hope for the future.