A couple came to see us for counseling after the wife had attempted to take her life. They attended a FamilyLife conference which, according to them, put them on a new path in their marriage. The husband, however, had a lot of baggage. We challenged him to attend The Quest for Authentic Manhood course being presented at our church. His testimony is featured below:

The Quest for Authentic Manhood is a course that has changed the direction of my life forever. This course literally saved my life.

The challenges I had to go through weren’t easy, but once I came to realize how meaningless and hopeless my life had become, I made the decision to pick up what was left of the rest of my life and become an Authentic Man.

There is a saying that goes, “Nothing is worth anything if you haven’t fought for it.”Believe me—if you don’t take responsibility for your life someone else will, and you will become a slave.

The course showed me how to break free from passivity and find my God-given purpose to be a MAN the way God designed me to be and not the way the world almost destroyed me to be.

Through God and this wonderful gift called ”The Quest for Authentic Manhood” I NOW HAVE A PLAN!!!