Paolo and Susy are a couple who participated in our conference this past spring. Paolo and Susy were married more than 30 years ago, and during the very first talk of our conference, we noticed that they had some serious problems. In fact, they didn’t even sit close to one another, and we later found out that they were sleeping in separate bedrooms. So, along with the other speakers who were working with us, we prayed for this couple. We also spent some time with them, hoping that they might open up to us a bit about some of the difficulties they were having in their marriage.

A miracle happened! After having listened to the talk about the “Power of God in Your Marriage,” Paolo stood up from the back row where he’d been sitting, and moved to sit next to Susy. They were then able to clear up some aspects of their marriage that had been particularly painful, and they asked God to become the “third strand in their marriage” (Ecclesiastes 4:12—“…a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”)

They thanked us for the conference, the romantic dinner, and the exchange of love letters in which they asked each other’s forgiveness and found new reasons to start again.

We heard from them recently and they told us that the Lord is continuing the work of reconciliation that He began in them at the conference. It is always beneficial to see that the FamilyLife conferences are a concrete help for many couples who are struggling.