Trans World Radio (TWR) has put together an amazing web platform (TWR360), and FamilyLife is excited to be a part of it. TWR360 is the world’s premiere online tool for accessing Christian media in the user’s heart language, providing them with audio, transcripts, Bible study tools, and more. TWR360 connects people to the greatest Christian voices for biblical teaching and inspirational messages to equip and encourage them anytime, anywhere.

Their website,, features today’s top Christian voices in English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and Arabic—and that’s just the beginning. If a web browser opens this page from Hong Kong, the page will open in Mandarin; if it’s opened from Quito, the page will open in Spanish. The website points the user to all the content available in his or her heart language.

FamilyLife is honored to partner with TWR as they launch TWR360. FamilyLife Today®, our 30-minute daily program, has been recreated and produced in Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin. God is expanding our “family” footprint faster than we can imagine. People around the world are hungry for practical, biblical truths on marriage and family.

Here are some recent listener comments:

  • When we lived in Tennessee… I could tune into our local Christian radio station, and each day I received positive encouragement from the talk show Family Life Today. We were so appreciative of this specific show that we began financially supporting our local station.  Then we moved. Sigh. I have never been able to find another broadcast of Family Life Today. Until now!
  • I knew within about two minutes of listening to my first audio on in the FamilyLife Today section that I had struck gold! In a fallen world, finding information from a Christian perspective isn’t always the easiest thing to do.
  • I am a father, and I have six children. FamilyLife Today gave me a valuable lesson for me to guide my children in the way of the Lord.
  • This is my first time listening to this program. With all the false promises this world promises kids today, as a Christian parent I need all the biblically-guided help I can get.

In addition to the broadcasts programs available on, Vida en Familia Hoy® (our Spanish version of FamilyLife Today) is on 250 radio outlets in Latin America and 25 in the U.S.; over 1300 broadcasts have been produced in Spanish. FamilyLife Today (International English Version) is on over 600 outlets outside the U.S.

We praise God for the ways He is expanding our radio ministry to reach marriages and families around the world!