Davor and Sanda Kukec, FamilyLife leaders in Croatia, prayed that God would raise up ten more HomeBuilders® groups throughout Croatia in addition to the ten that were already ongoing. But God didn’t just add ten more groups—He raised up leaders and group members to create 20 more groups throughout Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia!

Feedback from the group leaders has been very positive, and many groups are seeing God’s hand on the ministry as couples join together to learn biblical truth for their marriages and families. Here are some quotes from cities where these HomeBuilders groups are taking place:

Pula: “I as a pastor was so overwhelmed with the interest for our first ever marriage Bible study that we had to create another one. One man, a husband of a lady that comes to our church, who never crossed the threshold of our church, came to the small group and afterwards said: ‘If this is how you live and what you believe, I want to know more.’ He has been coming to the church ever since.”

Dubrovnik: “This is so phenomenal—we have interested couples who live on different islands and have to travel long distances to come to group meetings. We’ve decided to start three more groups closer to them as soon as we finish this one.”

Virovitica: “One of the couples that joined the group recently got divorced after seven years of marriage. For the first time they are hearing about hope, and they are making steps toward each other.”

Osijek: “We are already training the future group leaders—they just don’t know it yet!”

Orahovica: “We are the only couple besides the pastor and his wife in our church of over 60 people. Everybody else is either alone or they have unbelieving partners. This study helped us see how God can change that reality.”

Požega: “We thought that this study would be for our friends, but we realized how much we still have to grow in our marriage and in our faith. God is teaching us so much—thank you for encouraging us to start this Bible study!”

We are excited to see how God continues to answer prayers and restore relationships through these groups in Croatia.