Relationships often fade over time as people drift apart—but only if the relationship is left unattended. We have a choice in the matter; our marriages don’t have to grow dull. Perhaps we just need to give them some attention.

That’s the purpose behind this series(formerly called HomeBuilders Couples Series®) —to provide a way to give your marriage the attention it needs and deserves. This biblically based small-group study reveals God’s designs for creating a loving and secure marriage. His plan is designed to enable a man and a woman to grow together in a mutually satisfying relationship and then to reach out to others with the love of Christ. Ignoring God’s plan may lead to isolation and in far too many cases, the breakup of the home.

Whether your marriage needs a complete makeover or just a few small adjustments, we encourage you to consult God’s design. Although written nearly two thousand years ago, Scripture still speaks clearly and powerfully about the conflicts and challenges men and women face.