Back in February 2011 we had a Weekend to Remember getaway in the town of Pinsk in southwestern Belarus. Thirty-six couples attended, including Valentina and her husband. They were both surprised and blessed that we talked about problem solving, God’s plan for marriage, romance, and sex. They repented of their sins and trusted Christ during the fourth lecture. We recently met up with Valentina again and got to hear her wonderful testimony. She and her husband are now involved in the church where we held the Weekend to Remember, and they serve on the praise and worship team! We’ve been so blessed to see God moving powerfully in people’s lives and using us for His glory. We’ve been organizing dozens of similar events all over Belarus, and the Lord’s been working in families and couples through these events, saving and restoring, blessing and multiplying!

We recently hosted another Weekend to Remember with a romantic dinner, and both wives and husbands got to write a love letter to their spouse and then share their letters during the dinner. Here are a few responses from the attendees:

“I never thought that my hobbies can (and did!) serve as a stumbling block in our relationship. I’ll change that!” – Sasha, married 8 years.

“This is our second marriage and we are happy we are here. These principles will help us not to make the same mistakes, but face them!” – Inga, married for 6 years.

“We got married just recently and are still in love, but are glad we have been taught now how to deal with conflicts in our marriage as we began to have some just recently!” – Vadim, married for 5 months.