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A 15-year-old girl in Shanghai had an English teacher give her an English copy of Passport to Purity ®, FamilyLife’s resource for teaching adolescents about love, sex, and relationships. She took it home to show to her mother. Her mother, who had only been a Christian for about three months, could not read or speak English. She said, “Surely this must be in Mandarin somewhere.”  So she went on a Google search and found www.todayschinesefamily.com , our Mandarin website.  Thankfully, Passport to Purity had been translated into Mandarin years ago, but we had no one to promote it. The mother’s faith and efforts were rewarded when she found it on our site.

She took it to her church and got three father/son combos and another mom and daughter to listen to the lectures together. One father/son dropped out when the father called the material too explicit. However, the other four completed the sessions and had a graduation ceremony. The parents gave the teens certificates and flowers and took a commemorative photo.

The girl went to the US for high school that fall after their Passport to Purity time. She came back summer 2013, and she and her mom decided they wanted to go through the material again with more girls. So they gathered another group, and this time one of the mothers became a believer through Passport to Purity! To God be the glory!