We have been married for 20 years, and there has been some tough stuff to deal with of late. Last September we had reached a point of knowing that if we didn’t do something radical, we would implode. We were relating to each other in pretty negative spirals at times.

We made the hardest decision we’d ever made and lived in separate houses for six months to get out of each other’s way and allow God to do the work He needed in us individually. Sounds strange, I know, but over that six months we each prayed for our marriage, our daughter, each other, healing, and a positive way forward.

We both got counseling over that time. During that six months we realized afresh the many good memories we had and started to remember the reason we fell in love to begin with. In March we moved back together, and at that time we made the decision to invest in our marriage by coming to the Weekend to Remember®.

You’ve given us both inspiration, a higher vision of how good it can be, and some practical tools to work with. (In fact, we both reckon it was us you were talking about in so many of those sessions!)

We came home and talked to our daughter, who agreed to witness the re-signing of our marriage covenant. The next night we made an event of it, and she took her part very seriously too—quite significant for her at 15 and certainly a special moment for us. It’s now framed and on our bedroom wall.

We’ve started our date nights again, which had gone by the wayside, and are taking our manuals with us to work through in more details how we can implement the things that touched us last weekend. You have all been such a blessing to us and to others already as we’ve started to share some of our experiences with Christian families and workmates alike.