Magda and Wiesiek Grabowski, FamilyLife leaders in Poland, received this encouraging testimony from a couple (Paula and Jarek) they met more than three years ago.

We met Wiesiek and Magda Grabowski in May 2011. We participated in a weekend retreat for parents about raising children. During the two-day conference Wiesiek and Magda addressed the topics of responsible parenting, roles of the mother and father, and showing love and respect to children. They supported their teaching with Scripture. They also shared their own life experiences and pointed to literature that taught biblical principles of raising children. The Lord opened our eyes to His Word. He allowed us to see that everything we had been looking for was put in the Holy Scriptures. It was a wonderful discovery for us. Wiesiek and Magda invited us to the “Family Vacation with the Bible,” where we were able to study God’s Word and apply it to our lives. We discovered what God expected from us in marriage and relationships with other people. We met a lot of wonderful people who lived in close relationships with the Lord.

Then we were invited to participate in a Bible study group meeting at the Grabowskis’ home. We accepted the invitation with joy and have participated in it for the last two years. The Bible became the book of our lives. We fell in love with God’s Word. In the meantime we were able to learn a lot from the talks and conferences led by Wiesiek and Magda and take advantage of their experiences. The Lord opened our hearts to Himself through Wiesiek and Magda’s ministry. Two years ago we received Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We gave him the steer of our lives, everything we have, and who we are. He blesses us every day, guides us, and takes care of us. In His Word He gives us promises that are fulfilled in our lives. Jesus is a wonderful friend and only in Him is there fullness of love, and only with Him can we experience a life of joy and freedom.

Now Jarek and Paula serve the Lord through marriage ministry and by leading others to Christ. Praise be to God!