Ukraine familyIgor Logvinenko met Olga at a disco in the Military Academy when he was a cadet. Olga attracted Igor’s attention with her sincerity and laughter, and the two began dating. When Igor finished Military Academy, they got married and moved to L’viv, where Igor’s military unit was located.

Their early married life was far from normal. For Igor, life in the military was full of uncertainties and problems. They wanted to own an apartment, but they soon lost hope in that dream because Igor’s salary was not enough. Over time, he began feeling that his wife did not understand him, and his subordinates did not listen to him. He thought the only way to find an escape from the discouragement was through alcohol. He and Olga had a daughter, but their marriage continued to struggle. They came very close to filing for divorce three times.

While taking a vacation in their parents’ town, Igor’s mother invited him to church. During the service, Igor believed in Jesus for the first time. He was touched by God’s love for people. When he and Olga returned home from vacation, he began regularly attending an evangelistic church in L’viv. However, for Olga, these changes in Igor meant nothing, and their marriage did not improve.

For seven years, Igor tried to have a positive effect on his wife, and he tried to improve their relationship through his own efforts. After a FamilyLife marriage conference for military couples, they joined a HomeBuilders group. Igor finally realized that he could not change anything about Olga or their relationship in his own strength. He prayed that God would touch his wife’s heart.  Three days later, Olga asked Igor if he would take her to church with him. This was the turning point in their marriage.

That was ten years ago, and today Igor, Olga, and their three kids are serving the Lord together. They are starting a church and serving other military families by encouraging them and supporting them during this difficult time in Ukraine. They are also hoping to be able to attend a FamilyLife Speaker Training someday.