At almost every FamilyLife event, someone tells us, “Every couple in the country should do this!” Of course we are very keen to do that. For most of this year we have been working on a web-based application, an “app”, of the A Day to Treasure (ADT) event so people can access it from anywhere, 24/7. The complexity of putting together a project like this is immense. At a local prayer meeting Christine asked people to pray about her feelings of being overwhelmed by the responsibilities even though in her head she knows God wants us to be dependent on him, not our own abilities. At the time she also had no idea about what the next steps were going to be and asked for God’s direction.

At the end of thUK--Cuckooe prayer time a lady named Tish said that she felt God nudging her to share the story of the cuckoo. Cuckoos arrive in the UK in April or May to lay their eggs and then depart again in early June. The chicks hatch, and when they’re grown they fly thousands of miles to Africa. Geese also accomplish an amazing migration similar to this, but they have other geese to support them and help them navigate. The cuckoos’ migration is even more spectacular. They don’t have a flock to show them the way; instead they fly solo across the Sahara all the way to central Africa. How do they do that? No one knows.

Tish shared this story because she felt it would build faith. Christine remarked that it was strange that only that very morning she had heard a cuckoo for the first time in years while walking the dog. Christine realized that God was encouraging her. God enables cuckoos to fly thousands of miles to places where they have never been before. God will guide the FamilyLife team as we continue moving forward into the unknown in this exciting and demanding project…to help thousands of couples.

The following week we met a group of Christians who develop just the kind of innovative digital resources we are working on, and they are helping us plan the way. Praise God!