Vida en Familia Hoy®, the Spanish version of FamilyLife Today®, continues to touch lives across the Spanish-speaking worldVida en Familia Hoy 1 thanks to FamilyLife’s partnership with Heralding Christ Jesus’ Blessings (HCJB) in Quito, Ecuador. Vicente Vieira is the Hispanic voice of Dennis Rainey, and he enjoys interacting with listeners who are eager to share their stories of how VFH has helped their marriages and families.  He also finds humor in often being mistaken for Dennis Rainey.

On one occasion, Vicente and his wife, Fanny, went on a date at restaurant. The owner of the facility heard Vicente’s voice and ran over to their table. “You’re the one doing the radio show!” he said. “What’s your name?” When Vicente replied, “Vicente Vieira,” the man was surprised. “I expected you to say Dennis Rainey!” Nevertheless, he hugged Vicente tightly and said, “Keep doing those good programs!”

Similarly, Vicente and Fanny were in the supermarket shopping when a lady heard their voices. She ran over to tell them, “How nice to see you, Pastor Dennis! Thank you for the very good lessons that we take advantage of at home!” She, too, was surprised to see that he was Vicente and not Dennis Rainey, but she shared that the message continues to touch her and her home.

Vicente and Fanny take every opportunity to share their programs with couples in need. Recently a builder made repairs to their house after it suffered damage from an earthquake in April.  The Vieiras shared the gospel with him and his wife, prayed with them, and gave them a Bible that the wife immediately began to read avidly. Vicente also counseled them on strengthening their marriage of 35 years. “I told them that to have better knowledge of Christian values on marriage, they should listen to our programs,” says Vicente.  “And they assured me that they would because they were hungry to improve their marriage and family of four young adult children.”

Another one of their disciples recently shared, “My wife does not miss a single program because they feed us, and now they do so to a much greater extent since my wife is sick. We are encouraged by your programs.”

The Vieiras are thankful for how God is using them through VFH. “This is just a small sample of the large audience we have,” Vicente says, “and it leads us to give thanks to the Lord of the ministry for His grace, and to Dennis and all the staff of VFH and all the beloved supporters of the ministry, who make an endearing and vital partnership in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ for marriage and family.”

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