Already this year, Power to Change (FamilyLife in Australia) has had many fantastic opportunities to reach out to hurting couples and point them back to Christ.  Amidst marriage conferences and small group studies, couples’ lives are being changed, and marriages are being redeemed.Australia

One of the recent highlights was a marriage evening held in the suburbs of Melbourne.  This event was a fun time to connect with other couples and explore some of the challenges of communication that we face in our marriages.  The evening started off with some fun and games that had the couples laughing at the way they interact in different circumstances.

Following these games and a wonderful dessert that the church provided, a Power to Change speaker couple spoke on communication—specifically how to talk so your spouse will listen, and how to listen so your spouse will talk. It was a very moving talk, and God worked in a number of hearts.

One couple in particular started to realize at the event that they were perhaps not experiencing all that marriage was intended to provide.  This was not a new thought for them, but on this night, the couple clearly saw the importance of getting on the same page with each other… and with God.  Realizing that they needed a bit more help along the journey, they asked to meet up in order to learn more about how the spiritual and relational sides of life overlap.  We are really excited to see them take some steps towards both spiritual growth as well as growth as a couple and are looking forward to how God will work through them.

In addition to this couple, during the evening three other couples decided that they wanted to take a faith step and start thinking about how they could begin to share the gospel with those in the community using marriage.  We’ll be meeting with these couples as well to help coach them together as a group on their next steps forward as they start to plan some outreaches.  Please join us in prayer as these couples learn more about God, more about each other, and start to have an impact on their communities.