After the umpteenth discussion, three months ago Sasha and Floriana had decided to separate due to their problems in Italyunderstanding and respecting each other. The pain of helplessness in finding a solution led Floriana to ask for help from Antonio and Angela, a couple of FamilyLife volunteers.

Sasha and Floriana are a young couple who are believers living in Naples. They married ten years ago and have a seven-year-old boy named Matteo. After the separation, they met with Antonio and Angela a couple of times, and they accepted an invitation to the FamilyLife conference that was held in Caserta.

On that occasion, the sessions on communication and on how to deal with conflict helped Sasha and Floriana to transform their difficulty into an opportunity to rebuild their relationship in God’s love.

They discovered that the love they have for each other cannot be the only thing that gets them through those moments of tension that occur in every couple’s life, when the pressure becomes so high that it leads to isolation and when unity is undermined by selfish behaviors. They have thus discovered that in those moments God can give us the key to see the struggles as an opportunity to rely on Him.

Sasha and Floriana came back to live together and are attending a HomeBuilders group that is helping them monitor their healing process.

We are grateful to God for reconstructed families like those of Sasha and Floriana.