Attendees at a recent Weekend to Remember in South Asia had the opportunity to participate in something very special—the world premiere of Like Arrows, FamilyLife’s new movie that follows Alice and Charlie on a parenting journey that spans fifty years.

The Weekend to Remember was organized by a volunteer couple who were trained by FamilyLife ten years ago. Most of the attendees were Cru staff. Some traveled 12 hours by train to attend.

The Weekend to Remember was a three-day event conducted in English, and FamilyLife staff Jim and Judy Burrows split the talks with a local couple. Like Arrows was shown the first evening. Although many of the sixty attendees were tired from traveling, nearly all of them stayed for the movie. The response was very positive!

IndiaOne newlywed couple said, “It was a very inspiring movie… it shows that we have to make our life right and to be an example to our children.” The husband added that even though he and his wife don’t have kids yet, “It has convinced me to spend more time with my family after having kids and even now.”

“All throughout the movie, you can feel the invisible hand of God…. It’s not too late to start over.”

The movie premiere helped set the tone for an exciting and powerful weekend. One couple at the end of the weekend said, “We wished we had this twelve years ago. It could have saved us a lot of problems.”

Jim and Judy left copies of FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting™ kit with key leaders in the country. They also conducted a training for eight additional couples following the weekend. The opportunities in South Asia are enormous, but leaders are being raised up with passion and enthusiasm for ministering to families with truth and hope for families.

Like Arrows will be coming to DVD September 2018.