Multigenerational homes are very common in Fiji. Children in particular often end up living with extended family or friends while school is in session so they can get a good education. This is how Save (pronounced “Sah-vey”) and Bui (“mBoo-ee”), key FamilyLife volunteers within the Methodist church in Fiji, found themselves with six students in their home in Suva despite the fact that they have no children of their own.

Save and Bui have been through FamilyLife training and have been eager and excited to learn about and use FamilyLife resources to reach families in Fiji. When Save heard about Passport2Purity® (P2P), he wanted to know more. John and Julie Majors, a US FamilyLife staff couple on assignment in Fiji, asked Save if he would be willing to review the material with one of the students living with him. He agreed, but instead of reviewing the material with only one child, he took all six through it! Although P2P is usually used one-on-one with a parent and child, studying as a group seems to be a common approach in Fiji. Save took the kids through the material as a group, only splitting up for one session specific to boys and girls.

Fiji 2Passport2Purity has a clear gospel invitation in the session on faith. The six students living with Save and Bui ALL accepted Christ in response to the material!

The youth department at the Methodist church is now reviewing P2P for possible use and translation in Fiji. We pray many more children come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior throughout this island nation.