After 31 years of marriage, Anna and Jeremy (names changed for privacy) were really struggling to find anything whatsoever positive about each other.

“My husband and I have been attending marriage counselling (at $200 an hour!) where the big focus was each person following their own dreams, separating their finances and creating their own life but still sharing living space to see ‘what might happen.’ I thought ‘huh, this sounds a whole lot more like divorce counselling.’”

In desperation, she broke down and prayed for help in early November:

“It had been a long time since I prayed, or cried, for that matter. I do not believe it was random that the Whistler weekend information popped up online that evening in a Google search.”

They knew nothing at all about FamilyLife, but they took a chance and booked their Weekend Getaway on November 12th, just a few days before the event was to start. As they made the over five-hour drive from Kelowna, they really didn’t know what to expect.

The weekend changed their lives! Their marriage is now on the road to healing, and during the Sunday morning session, Anna chose to invite Christ into her life.

“The weekend was transformative. We desperately needed to look at our marriage and our lives through a spiritual lens. Things have changed. Both of us are more patient and kind towards each other. You have no idea how badly we were adrift and being encouraged to drift further. We came away with a lot of insight, understanding, healing, and tools. We have a renewed sense of commitment, optimism, and love. I cannot express our immense gratitude. Thank you FamilyLife team for all the good work you are doing!”

When marriages are transformed like this, families get stronger and when families get stronger, the impact is felt for generations. God is using FamilyLife Canada to change our country.