After attending a HomeBuilders® leader training in March 2017, Dennis and Vania Aggrey immediately started their own HomeBuilders group. Six couples joined together to go through Building Your Marriage to Last. As a result of this HomeBuilders group, they saw God do some exciting things!

One couple had been together and cohabiting for years. They had children together and were committed to their family but had never married. Through the HomeBuilders study, they came to desire to walk in obedience to God and be married. Their wedding took place in January 2018, and Dennis, who is a pastor, officiated the wedding.

One couple chose to get married after completing a HomeBuilders study.

Another man from the group went back to his hometown in a rural area and used the HomeBuilders materials to counsel two couples. Both marriages felt blessed, and one of the couples gave him a chicken and thanked him for saving their marriage! Both couples agreed that these types of materials need to be available in rural areas.

Dennis and Vania also used HomeBuilders to prepare a young couple, Wisseh and Joyce, for their marriage. “The information has helped the counseling times to be fruitful and meaningful and to truly cause the couple to seek God in His Word and to prepare well for their upcoming marriage!” said Dennis and Vania. “They hope to start building the foundation for a marriage that will last.”

Although Dennis and Vania started the group with the intention of sending out each couple to pass on the information to others, they’ve enjoyed meeting together so much that they’re continuing to meet as a group and go through additional HomeBuilders studies. They’re also encouraging each couple to prayerfully select at least one or two other couples to regularly meet with to work through Building Your Marriage to Last.

“We really enjoy seeing God grow us and use us to be a blessing to other husbands and wives as well! These studies are fun and filled with God’s Word. They allow friendship and marriages to cultivate and grow, centered around the Lord and His beautiful biblical plan for marriage!”