“FamilyLife is mentoring me. We are a country where there are no mentors; there is almost no one to ask deep questions. I thank God this program is helping me.” This came from a listener of the FamilyLife Today® international English radio program.

FamilyLife Today can be heard around the world from TWR360.org (which has the programs in English, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin) as well as through other Internet outlets. Families who have limited access to biblical teaching can receive help and hope through the free online broadcasts. But the program seems to be having a particularly significant impact throughout Latin America, where in addition to online, it’s also available on radio stations in 22 countries throughout the Americas.

One listener named Jose said, “We particularly like the FamilyLife Today program. It has served me and my wife a lot, and we want to pass it on to our daughters and, if possible, also to the neighbors and other families. I have a lot of material downloaded from the FamilyLife page. It helps a lot. It allows families to be strengthened, and by having a strong family, of course, a strong society is the result.”

Anita said, “I’ve listened to FamilyLife Today for a year and a half, every morning when I go to work, while driving my car. Those fifteen minutes are very enriching and very impactful for my life. They have helped me to mature as a wife, as a woman, as a mother; to know that although I am a mom, and I also work and have many responsibilities, I know that God is calling me to be active in the church and to serve. It is difficult because I have two small girls, but it has been enriching to listen to those fifteen minutes that are a blessing in my life.”

Even the kids are listening, as shown by this feedback from 12-year old Salvador: “I am twelve years old, and the program FamilyLife Today has been a great blessing to me. When I’m on my way to my school I listen to the program, and it has helped me to win souls for Jesus Christ. The topics covered help me in my family life with my sister, my mom, my dad. It also helps me a lot with my grandparents so they can learn more about God through the Bible.”

Many others write simply to say thank you and express their gratitude for the help they’re receiving through the programs.

Although tracking the exact number of listeners is impossible, analytics shows over 33,500 listeners in Latin America from two websites and the TWR360 mobile app alone.  Only God knows the number of lives and families being touched and restored through radio in Latin America and around the world.