by Jayna Richardson

FamilyLife has a ministry presence in over one hundred countries around the world. While many of these countries do have full-time FamilyLife staff, in some places the ministry is run by part-time staff or volunteers. All the FamilyLife ministries, with or without staff, rely on teams of volunteers to help share the message of God’s plan for families far and wide.

For our FamilyLife international partners, we have trained staff and volunteer couples who can come on short-term trips at their own expense to assist with ministry efforts.  Couples can help international FamilyLife ministries by speaking at events, conducting training for staff or volunteers, strategizing with the local team by explaining proven FamilyLife methods, or helping in any way needed (which could include event setup, promotion, fundraising, prayer, and more). American visitors also provide a boost of encouragement to the local team and always get a broader vision for worldwide ministry.

For those in the US who would like to learn more about FamilyLife Global’s international ministry or receive training to reach families in your community or even internationally, please contact the Global department at Couples who are willing to receive training and travel at their own expense can be a valuable asset to new or growing international ministries. Speaking the local language isn’t necessary since most of the ministry opportunities can be conducted through a translator, if needed.

We appreciate the many laborers around the world who are helping us achieve our vision of “Every home a godly home!”