By Jayna Richardson

As coronavirus began to spread throughout the world in spring 2020, FamilyLife live events everywhere were being postponed or cancelled. One question loomed in everyone’s minds: when will we be able to meet in person again? For New Zealand, that time came sooner than it did in most other places. In late June, they were the first country in the world to re-launch a live FamilyLife major event: a Weekend to Remember® in Taupo.

“It was so good to be back running a live event again, and remarkable to have over fifty couples attending when only three weeks prior we were uncertain if it was going to go ahead,” said FamilyLife staff member Steve Hooper.

The event was a powerful and encouraging time for the attendees, who seemed to agree that there was something special about the weekend. Maybe it was partly because everyone was eager to be out and about again after being cooped up, but more likely, it was because God was at work in the lives and hearts of the couples who attended.

Here were some of their comments:

“We separated for a year in 2016. Although we have gone through counseling, healing, and renewed our vows, there was still residual stuff we needed to work out. This weekend really helped us do that and look forward with joy to our life together.”

“It helped us to recognize the gift [we are to] each other and reminded us of why we are together.”

“As a couple heading fast in the wrong direction, this weekend has turned us around and given us practical help.”

“We loved it! It was fun, entertaining, informative, and very challenging at times. Overall, I feel it will revolutionize our marriage.”

“Jump started us from a place of near devastation. [It has] given us tools and hope to help us be fully on the same page.”

The FamilyLife team felt they were able to connect with the couples at this event on a deeper level than usual. One couple they had spoken with several times over the weekend sent this email soon after the Weekend to Remember:

“Do you or anyone you know have any links with a church down here in Palmerston North? My husband and I were both really touched and we want to change our lives and walk with Christ. I feel like it’s the next positive step and possibly what we have both been missing all these years.”

Only God knows the number of legacies changed by one event in a small island country. But one thing is sure: even in a time of uncertainty and Coronavirus, God is still at work!