by Jayna Richardson

National Family Day in Moldova is an annual holiday to recognize, support, and celebrate Moldovan families. Since 2016 FamilyLife Moldova has used this family-focused day as a time of outreach. This year the FamilyLife team developed fun online events and activities for an entire week to draw families closer together and point them to the gospel.

One activity they developed this year was Family Quest: a challenge for families to complete seven tasks within five days. Some of the tasks included reading an article, watching the movie Fireproof, taking an online quiz about family relationships, organizing a date night at home with the kids acting as waiters, playing family games, and watching live programs. These tasks gave families something fun to do together, provided valuable training and resources, and included gospel presentations.

Each day guest speakers appeared on live broadcasts on the FamilyLife Moldova Facebook page to speak on topics such as the challenges of parenting, the mysteries of a lasting marriage, and the value of families in society.

The results from the week-long celebration included:

  • 3,558 online interactions with visitors
  • 1,180 people who responded to the online quiz
  • 12 families who directly contacted the FamilyLife team after completing the Family Quest (volunteers are meeting with each of them for follow-up)
  • All Quest participants watched the film Fireproof and heard a gospel presentation

One family commented, “Thank you for your initiative! You are so wonderful: bringing smiles and light to our homes, building and strengthening our families, encouraging us to love, respect, and protect our children.”

Radu Cucos, FamilyLife director in Moldova, feels optimistic that God is using these efforts for His glory. “The Internet allows us to sow the Word of God very widely, and we cannot always see the final result of the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of every person,” he said. “But we entrust all this to God and believe that He will finish His work in those people.”

What began in 2016 as a small gathering in a public park for Family Day has grown into something much bigger than they expected. The response has shown them that people are interested in celebrating family and that the National Family Day can be used strategically to encourage families and gently present the gospel.

Please pray that the seed sown will bear fruit in the lives of people who have heard the gospel through this Family Day initiative.