By Jayna Richardson

“I really like seeing all the different couples from around the world… it inspires me and reminds me that I am not alone is this mission of reaching families.”

FamilyLife partners and volunteers from across the globe were encouraged and equipped during FamilyLife Global’s first ever virtual summit over the summer. The theme, Side by Side, reminded participants that they are all united in their efforts to reach families with the hope of the gospel.

Nearly 200 participants representing dozens of countries joined in for a live two-hour event that included teaching, prayer request videos from around the world, and breakout rooms. FamilyLife radio host and author Bob Lepine shared a devotional on the theme verse (Philippians 1:27), and FamilyLife CEO David Robbins, alongside his wife, Meg, presented a talk full of encouragement and vision casting.

The breakout rooms were a particularly meaningful time for participants to forge new relationships, share ministry updates and practices, and pray for one another within a smaller group.

Participants were reminded that even though ministry can be lonely at times, especially with the additional challenges brought by the pandemic, we are all standing side by side in our hopes and visions of seeing every home a godly home.

Some testimonies:

“It reminds me of the greatness of God and his passion for families and His commitment to reach them and transform them with His love… I enjoyed the breakout rooms and being able to talk directly with people. That time was priceless.” (Spain)

“This gave us a chance to meet new likeminded people in ministry and to pray with them, therefore forming a lasting bond from far across the world.” (Europe)

“The Robbinses gave a clear vision and direction for FamilyLife ministries: every home a godly home; every nation making disciples; helping families to journey from isolation to oneness to impact. It’s encouraging to see or meet other FamilyLife ministry workers and to hear their stories.” (Philippines)

“I love seeing people across the world that He is using in the same ministry; love to see and hear their passion and struggles, to see creativity and potential. We have some amazing leaders for sure.” (Croatia)

Despite many obstacles faced by FamilyLife teams around the world, God is using their faithfulness to bring help and hope to families. The FamilyLife Global Virtual Summit was an encouraging reminder that they are not alone, and that many like-minded believers are standing side by side with them on the front lines of ministry.