by Jayna Richardson

The beautiful mountains of Romania served as the perfect location for twenty-two families to come together this summer for a time of marriage enrichment and spiritual refreshment. FamilyLife leaders Adi and Cristina Tanase, along with a team of young couples who have taken the initiative to spearhead a ministry to families in their community, organized the two-day event. By the end of the retreat, beauty was evident not only in the natural surroundings, but in the hearts of those whom God was reviving.

The team focused on topics such as husbands and wives meeting each other’s emotional needs and walking in the fullness of the Holy Spirit as well as other topics designed to draw each person closer to Jesus. The powerful messages were received with eagerness, as many of the couples were going through difficult times and needed a fresh touch from the Lord. Here are just a few of the results:

Ioan* confessed his need for renewal in his life. He admitted that he has devoted too much time to his career and has drifted away from his spiritual path. He wants to seek a closer relationship with God and balance his priorities. He joined a men’s group to study true discipleship.

Mihai* shared that he experienced the death of a child, and this tragic event has shaken his faith. He expressed that he is ready to grow and desires support in his spiritual walk.

Dan* is a young engineer and husband who recently lost his mother. This painful event deeply marked him but also helped him see God’s care. He shared that he desires to be involved in ministry and is praying for the Lord to reveal his gifts and calling. Adi and Cristina Tanase challenged him to join the FamilyLife team in doing local ministry, and they pray that God will speak to Dan and his wife and guide their steps in the direction He desires.

Levi* confessed that he struggles with disappointment caused by people’s response to God’s Word. His battle with discouragement makes him feel unfruitful and unfulfilled in his ministry. Following the mountain retreat, he joined a Bible study to find answers that will edify him, lead him to true fulfillment, and provide him with lasting hope.

Although many of the families were dealing with difficult situations and discouragement, the FamilyLife team could see the ways that God was speaking to their hearts, encouraging them, and showing them the next steps.

Additional community events are planned for the months ahead to equip new leaders with ministry skills and to continue reaching those who are far from God and in need of hope.

“It is a great blessing to witness how God works in people’s lives!” said Adi. “We pray that the Lord will perfect the work He has begun in each of them and grant us the strength to carry on the work He has entrusted to us!”

*Editor’s note: Names have been changed to protect privacy.