As divorce rates in Côte d’Ivoire have continued to rise over the last few years, the FamilyLife team there has considered how they can intentionally reach out to women, who often shoulder particularly heavy emotional and financial burdens following divorce. “To help reduce the divorce rate, we have organized a program for women to help them in their roles and responsibilities,” says Abraham Gnahore, a FamilyLife leader in Côte d’Ivoire. “We thank God for the impact of this program, in which 95 women took part over 21 days.”

Here is the testimony of one participant who explains how God saved her home.

“I bless the name of Jesus, the master of time and circumstances. I registered for the women’s program simply out of curiosity. I didn’t know if God could still do something for my home life, which was going very badly. My husband had left home two weeks earlier to live with another woman. I was angry and suffering in my heart and soul. It was very difficult. The program, in addition to providing time for teaching, prayer, and Bible reading, encouraged us to forgive and trust God to save our homes. Every day, we should perform acts of love for our spouses, even if we had things to reproach them for. It was particularly difficult for me as my husband had left home and I was angry with him. But with the encouragement of the organizers, I went above and beyond to pray for my husband and do what was asked of me. Thanks to the organizers’ advice and the teachings, I’ve rediscovered my inner peace and a taste for reading the Bible (which I’d stopped doing because of my problems at home). I no longer feel any anger towards my husband. And two days before the end of the program, God did a miracle. My husband came back home. He asked me to forgive him. God is alive, almighty, and able to change the worst situation like mine. Let us keep trusting and obeying Him.

“Today, I’m a different woman. My husband and I are writing a new page in our marriage. Thank you for helping me avoid divorce. May God remember you.”

FamilyLife Côte d’Ivoire also ministers to marriages through Weekend to Remember events and HomeBuilders small-group Bible studies. Join us in praying for God’s protection and provision for this ministry.