FamilyLife is growing as a global ministry. Our desire has always been to equip nationals to reach families in their own areas of the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. One important step we’re taking towards that goal is the launch of the Global Roundtable, comprised of leaders based on their geographical locations. This team includes seven regional coordinators who will meet regularly to cultivate strategies and advance the mission of FamilyLife in their own regions and worldwide.

We are pleased to introduce these seven regional coordinators:

Dina has ministered internationally with Cru for over 27 years in Central Asia and the Turkic world. She and her husband Dan live in Istanbul, spearheading FamilyLife in Turkey. The Krulls are passionate about finding creative ways to support marriages and families globally.

AFRICA: Elon Katweheyo
Elon became a missionary with LIFE Ministry Uganda in 2013. He is enthusiastic about helping young people have meaningful relationships. He and his wife, Ruth, enjoy mentoring engaged couples and helping prepare them for marriage.

EAST ASIA: Patrick Low
Patrick has been on staff with Cru since 1993. He serves as FamilyLife’s Global Representative for Asia. Patrick previously served as a Campus Director in Singapore, City Director in Tokyo, and National Campus Director in Japan.

Rey Cordova Tonsay has been the National Team Leader and CEO of FamilyLife Philippines since May 2021. He previously served as the FamilyLife Philippines National Administrator. He and his wife, Mary Grace Tapang, have been serving in various ministry roles together since they were first married. They are passionate about training, mentoring, and equipping couples in their local churches and recruiting people to serve as volunteers or in a full-time capacity.

EUROPE: Mark Daniel
Mark joined the staff of Agapé in 2003 to lead the FamilyLife ministry in the UK. Prior to that, Mark and his wife, Christine, were involved in marriage ministry and led small groups for many years. Their vision is to give every person in the UK the opportunity to see their families transformed through biblical principles and knowing Christ.

Cas Monaco, PhD, serves as the Vice President of Missiology and Gospel Engagement at FamilyLife. She and her husband, Bob, believe that a rich theological vision serves as a springboard to help people discover God and to find their place in God’s story.

Orlando and his wife, Merce, became involved in marriage and family ministry in 1996, and since 2004, they have been marriage and family pastors in the Assemblies of God denomination in Costa Rica. Their journey with FamilyLife began in 2007, and they currently lead our movement in Costa Rica.

We give thanks to the Lord for raising up leaders around the world who are stepping into these roles with faith and vision. Join us in praying that each of these leaders will see marriages and families flourish in their regions of the world and beyond.